Labor Radio-Podcast Weekly

UCOMM Live; CTU Speaks; Labor History in 2:00

May 3, 2020

This week, IBEW Local 3’s Chris Erikson Jr talks to UCOMM Live about the daily salute to frontline workers in Electchester, a New York City community built in the 1950's by Local 3 to house their members: The windows open up, people start banging pots and pans and whooping and hollering. Actor Harold Phillips talks about the financial impact union TV shows have on the community: There were a lot of different unions that benefited from that one production being based in Portland, Oregon. On CTU Speaks, the podcast of the Chicago Teachers Union, it’s pretty clear that teachers don’t like remote learning, and students like it even less, but what about the parents? CTU Speaks talks with CPS parents Andrea Mosley and Valerie Nelson: I was so confused, and I'm like, well, how do you start remote learning? But we don't have the tools in order to make that first week successful. Plus, Labor History in 2:00 on labor pioneer Richard Trevellick, one of the early leaders of the US labor movement and the fight for the eight-hour work day. #LaborRadioPod

Produced by Chris Garlock;