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August 22, 2020

This week’s show focuses on the attacks on one of the most popular institutions in America: the U.S. Postal Service:

But Trump understands that the people want to vote him out of office, so he's doing everything he can to suppress the mail. They've already removed countless amounts of voting machines from districts that would vote Democratic in the upcoming elections, but now they're suppressing votes through the mail. They’re sabotaging the delivery of the mail, they know exactly what you're doing, and this is calculated.
That’s Cindy Heyward, Legislative Director for APWU Local 89 on The Rick Smith show this week.

You know, the old saying goes, don't put off tomorrow what you can do today because it's not like the mail goes away.
Bill Cook, President of the Northeastern New York Branch 358 of the National Association of Letter Carriers sets the record straight on Union Strong, the podcast from the New York State AFL-CIO.

Not only is the USPS going to deliver all the absentee and the voting by mail in the general in November but it also delivers things like prescriptions and other really key things to areas that might not be as profitable for a more traditional for-profit delivery company like a FedEx.
On Labor Radio on KBOO, hosts Michael Cathcart and Elliott Gilliland explain how president Trump's authoritarian attack on mail-in voting and the Post Office is, at its core, an attack on working people.

The same person that's complaining about mail-in ballots is the same person that admits that he mails in his own ballot. Then it only becomes corrupt when it's everybody else's ballot or when things don't look good for him in the polls.

On the Building Bridges radio show, New York Metro Area Postal Union president Jonathan Smith says our right to vote was enshrined in blood and we can’t let Trump kill the postal service and sabotage our election by taking away our right to vote by mail.

Congress must provide $25 billion and immediate COVID related relief. Postal management service cuts must be stopped and reversed. The postal service must work with us to reassure the public that vote by mail is a safe and secure way to vote in November elections.
Postal workers’ demands, on the Worker’s Beat radio show.

Plus, we’ve got two postal service-related labor history items:
There's going to be a lot of mail on the workroom floor before this beat is through.
The Postal Views podcast remembers the Great Postal Strike of 1970…and on Labor History in 2:  
It's been the most dramatic confrontation between industry and organized labor in two decades.
Rick Smith remembers the Teamsters’ successful strike against UPS in 1997.

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